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Legal kōkua with aloha. 

Over 70 years of combined practice, specializing in:
Personal Injury
Family & Divorce
Child Custody

We're dedicated to making sure you receive the care and attention you need.  

Family & Divorce

Our Kailua Kona Attorneys and Staff

Corporate & Intellectual Property

Lawyers Serving the Big Island and Neighboring Islands

The experienced attorneys in the Pacific States Legal Group's Kailua Kona, Hawaii office provide clients with a wide range of litigation expertise, including legal claims involving divorce & family, personal injury, toxic exposures, intellectual property, and real estate.

Our Kona office also offers commercial and hospitality litigation expertise on behalf of a wide variety of clients, including restaurants, hotels, property owners, and many others. We never wish to see our clients go to court, though if there is no other option, you're in safe hands with our seasoned trial lawyers and the many years of courtroom experience behind them.

Nationwide Law Firm Presence

Kailua Kona serves as the firm's West Coast headquarters for litigation and representation on behalf of individuals and corporations involved in a wide range of legal matters. The firm and its attorneys are licensed to practice and represent clients in Hawaii, California, Arizona, Texas, and Washington D.C.

Personal Injury

Real Estate

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