Corporate & Intellectual Property

PSLG’s Hawaii corporate clients include restaurants, hotels, property owners, and many other types of organizations.

Making Sure Your Business Runs Smooth

The attorneys of PSLG have been Head Legal Counsels for major multi-national companies, and from their Kona-based firm they have represented numerous other companies big and small.  We understand it can be difficult locating a skilled and experienced Hawaii business lawyer, so the attorneys of PSLG are dedicated to making the various legal aspects of your business run smoothly.

Kona Business Law

Business Law Areas of Practice

Early Stage Company

include everyone from entrepreneurs looking stock option plans and incentive compensation packages, to equity and debt financing, strategic acquisitions, partnership negotiations, and company reorganizations.


Our Kona-based lawyers work with clients throughout Hawaii in acquiring, funding, growth, launch, and sales of private companies.  Our clients

Commercial Transactions and Contracts

Successful businesses rely on well-written and easily-understood contracts and agreements to ensure vendors, partners, and clients are all on the same page.  The attorneys at PSLG’s Kona law office are skilled at drafting contracts that both serve all the commercial/business needs of its clients, while providing clear and concise terms to eliminate any confusion or routes of creative interpretation in times of dispute.  Our firm also provides expert counseling leading up to and during negotiations and contracts.

Employment and Executive Representation

The lawyers of PSLG have decades of experience in successfully defending lawsuits against their clients.  Our firm is experienced in promoting strong relationships between employees and employers while limiting the latter’s liability exposure.  Our attorneys also advise their clients on all other employee and contractor issues including preparation of employment and contractor agreements, to employee termination or separation.

Entertainment and Media Clients

PSLG has represented numerous film and television producers and production companies throughout California and Hawaii on all aspects of media business.  Such counseling has included intellectual property acquisitions, film sales rights, investments, joint ventures, and partnerships.

Finance and Lending

Out attorneys are experiences in assisting their clients in securing favorable deals on adequate financing both to maintain and grow businesses.  We have represented both borrowers and lenders in numerous variants of transactions, including but not limited to real estate lending, acquisition loans, senior and mezz debt funding, venture capital, and collateral based lending.

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