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When Should You Hire a Custody Lawyer?

Are you in a custody battle? If so, you may be wondering if you need a child custody lawyer.

When we look at custodial parent statistics, 25% are mothers and less than 8% are fathers. But child custody depends on more than the custodial parent’s gender. There’s a lot that goes into custody and what the court thinks is in the child’s best interest.

Because of this, there’s a good chance you may need a lawyer to represent you rather than represent yourself in court — especially if your case is complicated. Here’s when it’s time to hire a custody attorney.

Your Situation Changed Significantly

Life happens. Maybe you lost your job or had to suddenly move. Either way, the courts may not be fond of these changes. If this is the case, it may be time to consult with the best custody lawyer.

Additional changes that can spur the need for legal representation include:

  • The other parent is suddenly not being cooperative or combative about co-parenting

  • You or the other parent are cohabiting with a new partner or recently remarried

  • You or the other parent is planning on relocating

  • The other parent isn’t abiding by the child custody agreement

  • There’s evidence of child abuse, domestic violence, and/or neglect

  • You or your partner simply decided against previous arrangements

It’s also best to address any situation changes with a lawyer that could affect your child and your custody agreement.

The Other Parent Has a Lawyer

If your ex has a lawyer, it’s a good idea to get the best custody attorney. That’s because the other parent has an advantage over you — and that will reflect on the court.

A child custody lawyer has knowledge and experience in the law. They can fight and defend for you to ensure you come out strong. They can take a look at your unique situation and will come up with a strategy that will benefit your case.

You’re Not Familiar With Family Law

Child custody requires knowledge of family law and planning a strategy. You’ll also have to file paperwork and keep up with court dates and other deadlines. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the law, it may be best to hire a lawyer.

Lawyers also benefit in many other ways. They can mediate on your behalf and attend additional hearings. You can also rest assured they will always look out for your best interests.

You Need Treatment

There are many reasons why the courts may think you’re an incompetent parent. For example, if you’re in drug and alcohol rehab or in anger management classes, you may need a lawyer to defend you.

That’s because you may be seen as a risky parent. A lawyer won’t be able to get you out of treatment, but they can prove your willingness to improve to the judge.

Hire a Custody Lawyer in Kona

Are you in Kona and realized you should have a custody lawyer? We’re the family law experts. Our Kona lawyer has been practicing for over 40 years. Contact us for a consultation.

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